Meet The Tenant: Ian Sweet, Sweet Futures, LLC

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Sweet Futures, owned and managed by Ian Sweet, is an independent Introducing Broker which services almost every type of customer in the futures industry. Ian and his staff take pride in being able to accommodate a wide range of clientele. While many of their customers are individual online traders, they also service floor traders and other IB’s. A large part of the business is commercial, industrial and institutional.

Additionally, Sweet Futures services proprietary trading groups and those in the managed space such as CTA’s and commodity pools. Currently, Ian and his team maintain eight FCM relationships to provide their clients access to execution and clearing on all major exchanges, both foreign and domestic. Because each customer has unique needs, they introduce accounts based on the customer’s individual requirements in an effort to provide the best service possible. The success of Sweet Futures is attributed to the capability of building long-term relationships with customers and being committed to the superior service they provide.

Ian comes from a trading industry family, with some having been floor traders, working for large brokerage firms, or published trading magazines. Ian has over 16 years of experience, beginning his career in 1996, as a runner on the CBOT floor. After learning the basics, he clerked for a trader in the soybean pit and later started an execution desk for South American Hedgers. In 1999, while working as a broker, Ian started a brokerage division for a large FCM, and then went independent in 2010 when he started Sweet Futures, LLC. “We believe in quality over quantity, but also believe that one leads to the other.” — Ian Sweet