New Art Just the Latest Amenity in the CBOT Building

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Glenstar Properties, the owners of the the Art Deco Board of Trade Building, added some new eye-popping art to its second floor lobby that has turned heads and sparked questions. You can’t miss the collection of colorful prints as you exit the elevator lobby after leaving our offices on the 16th floor of the CBOT Building.

The framed posters featuring iconic 1960s and 70s images and others just jump out at you.

A long white wall on the second floor of the CBOT Building has been dressed up with some art prints bought by the CBOT Building manager, and evidently art aficionado, Mike Giese. He bought all the pictures, which happen to be Andy Warhol prints, on Some people think the building sprang for some original art, which is funny since these are popular pop art prints.

Even funnier was one CME Group trader who told a building manager, “Well, who knew the CME had the money to buy this kind of art,” having missed that the CME sold the building in 2012 for $151.5 million.

But eye-catching art in the CBOT Building’s 2nd floor lobby is not all Glenstar is up to. It is also adding a rooftop deck on the 22nd floor this summer that will hold up to 200 people.

The indoor/outdoor deck features 4000 square feet outside and 1200 square feet inside, where a bar, Foosball table, poker table, TV and sofas provide even more party area year-round.

Glenstar has also added a service called the “Press Box,” which features laundry services, shoe shine services and a mobile device tech repair facility.

A few downtown buildings have some of these services, but they are more likely to be found in residential buildings.

And just to make things even more relaxed in the CBOT Building, there is now a licensed massage therapist as part of the fitness center, which is open 24 hours a day.

There is a reason John Lothian News has offices in the CBOT Building. And now there are even more reasons this was a good decision.